View Full Version : In-App purchase problem

06.04.2012, 14:12
Dear Christin

I have two Apple IDs (unfortunately!) because I live in two countries, a primary and a secondary. Without thinking about it, I purchased the Navigation app using my secondary ID. I could not download an In-App purchase, so I read your FAQ on this.

Although the Settings -> General -> Restrictions was set to off, I set to On and made sure the Installing Apps was set to On.

My iCloud account is set to my primary ID.

So I deleted the app from both my Ipod and my iTunes, switched to my primary ID in the iTunes store, and downloaded the Navigation app again. Actually, I was prepared to pay for it a second time to avoid any hassle but it did not ask for payment, it just downloaded. When I click on the Get Info tab, I can see that the app is associated with my primary ID.

I now go into the resynched app on my Ipod Touch and proceed to try to purchase a map. However, I get an error message "Please contact iTunes support to complete this transaction". This is not very informative as it does not tell me what is the source of the problem so that I can tell iTunes support about it.

Would you have any advice? As I say, to avoid hassle, I am prepared to pay for the app again using my primary ID but how can I 'force' the iTunes store to let me do this?