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29.03.2012, 11:47
I have just purchased the SatNav 2 App and upgraded to the offline maps for North America (installing 4 states only). To test the offline functionality I have switched off wifi and 3G. Upon then opening the App there doesn't seem to be any obvious way to see the offline maps installed and seach those maps/obtain directions between two points. The "Home" page options (Navigation, Map, Catorgry, etc) all don't seem to go to a page that shows offline maps where "seach/direction funtionality exists. So, my question is how do I access these maps?

I also note from the iTunes description installed maps can be removed from the device (iPhone) and reinstalled later. I woudl like to remove one of the installed States but I cannot find any options allowing me to install new States or remove already installed ones. Can anyone help?



04.04.2012, 16:13
Please have a look at the FAQ section in this Forum regarding map installation/deletion. After the purchase, you of course need to install those offline maps you currently want to use so that offline navigation is available. :)

Once installed, you can select the offline search mode (in "Settings") and the app knows right away to only use this map material.

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22.10.2012, 13:48
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