View Full Version : Managing Favourites

25.03.2012, 14:03

I have downloaded the GPS Navigation 2 app by Skobbler and I have also purchased the map of the world for future downloads.

I am planning for a trip in Hungary,Slovakia and Austria. I need help in maintaining the favourites list, so that I can use those addresses when I reach those countries.

But the problem i am facing now is, if I saved some locations my mistake as favourties, I am not able to delete only that particular address from the favourites list. I read through the help section in the app and tried to follow it, but still when i click the information tab of the address i want to remove, I dont see any delete symbols to remove it from the list.

I am at present only able to delete the whole favourite list (which i dont want to do, coz there is lot of locations i have saved there :(). I want to delete only individual addresses from the list and not the whole list.

Please help me solve the problem.