View Full Version : GPS Nav 2 "All Maps" in app purchase always present?

23.03.2012, 09:47
If I purchase "all maps" via in app purchase must these all be kept on my phone all the time? or is it possible to selectively delete the countries or continents that are not of interest from the phone and upload them from my Mac later, should they be needed?

I am concerned about the amount of space that the maps will take up, especially when in reality I will only need to access two countries on a regular basis.

Please can anyone also shed any light on how maps are updated? I am constantly updating the openstreetmap data for my city through their online tools, but want to be sure that through GPS Nav 2 I will actually have access to the latest information



26.06.2012, 19:02
replying to my own question:

If you purchase all / many maps you do not have to have all of these on the device all of the time, but can select those which are currently relevnat to your location / trip. You can delete any stored map and download it again at any time.

The maps that GPS Nav 2 gives you are NOT the current versions available at openstreetmap, but a copy that appears to be several months old. I understand that we will only get access to newer versions of the maps at the next skobbler update. This is a pity and it would be very much better if the versions available were current versions.