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22.03.2012, 22:28
I'm using skobbler since two weeks and in this time it happened to me to get the "reinstall maps" message two times. This is not possible. I understand that is not a problem to download again the maps because I've payed once and I can download it thousand times but:
* once you have downloaded/installed an app, it is not acceptable to reinstall the app "because of a bug". I will reinstall it only if I want to, not forced.
* the maps does not have "a few" MB .... have hundreds MB. If this ""reinstall map" message appear when I am on the holiday, maybe I have no possibility to download them again (no wi-fi connection). It happened to me already once. I don't want to have the same experience again.
* this is not an acceptable bug for an application (imagine that you download a game (500-1000 MB), play 10 min and you have to download again the game because of a bug)
* besides the download time for a map .... the installation time for that map it takes "forever". I never saw something like this to a navigation app ;)

Please, this bug can be fixed? When?
Thank you

Info about my phone
iPhone 3GS unlocked
iOS 5.1
no jailbreak
all apps works fine, no problems wit the phone or apps

27.03.2012, 11:34
Today it happened again. I have no more maps installed. I have to download and install again.
Please, any advice? How this problem can be avoid?

04.04.2012, 16:27
How much space is available on your device? We have a similar discussion in the Forum already and it seems to be an Apple-related iOS issue, meaning that parts of our app (e.g. maps) are deleted automatically by the device if it runs out of space.

Best regards

04.04.2012, 16:46
Thank you very much for your answer!
In this moment I have aprox. 1Gb free space. I never had less than 1Gb free space even after I've downloaded 800Mb of maps. If I know the min. space needed on device to avoid this issue I can delete some apps to free some more space. This is no problem. But I want to avoid this issue. I'll try to download again the maps when I'll have 2Gb free space. I'll keep you informed.

What happening with the maps after download? Why it takes so much time to "install" the maps once they are downloaded?

Thank you again for support! And by the way ... except the bugs, Navi 2 works very good. Keep up the good work!

04.04.2012, 16:51
Installation time may be depending on your device - the 3GS is (unfortunately) not the latest device version. Looking forward to hearing how things go for you with more space available.


10.04.2012, 10:11
I've installed again the maps ... 800 Mb and I've tested the navi two times. The maps were no more deleted.
In this moment there is 1.6Gb free on the device and I'll try to keep the free space above 1.5Gb.

Thank you for this workaround. I hope this problem will be fixed in the next version.

19.04.2012, 10:59
Glad this solved the issue - the Team is working on the issue.