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05.03.2012, 18:18
I'm using an Android tablet with "internal memory 2GB" - "internal SD 13GB" & a "external SD 8GB". When downloading maps from the internet on the device, the application forces me to install in the "internal 2GB memory" and there is not enough space. So I downloaded the maps to my PC, mounted my device and copied the map zip files to Forever/Map folder. I then extracted the files to the same location. Everything seemed okay, then on reboot and app launch, there is an install process that wants to install maps to again the "internal 2GB memory". Sheeeeesh! Is there anyway to configure the app to allow me to install these large files to either SD card (internal/external)? Can I cut/paste the files over and still get them to work?

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08.12.2012, 17:00
Bumping this back up. I too need help on moving the data to an external card. My Vizio VTab only has 2GB internal and is insufficient to hold the data.

09.01.2013, 16:35
With the latest app update, installation on SD cards is available. The app should ask you automatically where you want to store your maps (internal or external memory). Did you already reinstall the program?


10.01.2013, 00:14
No, I haven't tried that. Thanks for the heads up, I'll try it as soon as I can.

09.02.2013, 21:00
Thanks for the reply Christin. I totally uninstalled the program, reinstalled and downloaded the Pennsylvania USA map. It never gave me the option to store where I wanted.

My Vizio VTAB has what they call 'Internal memory' which is only 800MB. It also has what they call 'SD card' that is built in which is 4GB with only 2GB available for use (this is factory installed, internal and non-expandable). It also has a memory slot for micro SD cards which I have an 8GB installed. This is where I wish to install my maps.

When I clicked to download the Pennsyvania map, it just started downloading and appears to have placed it in the built in 2GB 'SD card' which is already nearly full. I wish to put the maps on my 8GB micro SD card. I see no option to do so.

11.02.2013, 16:05
Hi Bill, please (if possible) clear your 8GB micro SD card, take it out of the phone, then put it back in. Then please try to install the Pennsylvania map again (delete it first though) - do you now have the option to select that micro SD card for the map installation?


19.09.2013, 13:55
I ride a motorbike and listen to the instructions through earphones with the phone in my pocket. It would be nice if when there have been no instructions for the past xx minutes, the voice would say something like "Follow the course of the road", just so I hear the app is still active. Options for the no-instructions time and the message spoken would be useful.

03.02.2014, 09:03
My last three posts has been about some problems, but this one is meant to applaud the developers!