View Full Version : Skobbler - unable to sign in on iPhone

18.06.2010, 15:16
Hello, I am unable to sign in on my iPhone. Can sign in online but on the phone it says there is an error. Any idea why?

22.06.2010, 09:07
@duckyspawn: Can you check if it works now correctly, might have been a temporary bug.
Please also check if you can sign in online at the portal: skobbler.us because you need to activate the account first.


22.06.2010, 18:56
I am able to sign in on the web, but not the phone. Still having the same issue: an error has occured. Please try again later.

27.06.2010, 05:52
I was having the same problem. I setup an account online and could logon from my computer, but on the iphone it would be invalid. I figured that some code writer must have screwed up the special character on the iPhone. I changed my password to only alpha numeric and now it will work on the iphone. I don't know why so many websites do not implement special characters for passwords. It's really frustrating. Makes me wonder how secure they're servers are. I hope this helps you out mate.

29.06.2010, 00:01
I'm having the same issue, can login fine to skobbler.us and these forums but can't login to the iPhone app (running ios 4). My password has no special charters.

04.07.2010, 12:08
We're befuddled and keep on looking for the possible reason for this behavior. It's particularly strange as the majority is definitely able to log in without problems, but some of you just as definitely are not.

Peter Lindahl
22.12.2010, 16:21
I can log in into the forum on my PC, but not into "Sign In" on my Iphone. Does it require different credentials? How can I reset the sign in for the Iphone?

23.12.2010, 10:55
In order to be able to log in on your iPhone, you need to create an account at our website www.skobbler.de which is different from this Forum account. Sorry for the hassle!

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