View Full Version : Is the United States in North America?

15.02.2012, 08:04
The answer if of course, yes. However, I purchased just purchased the North America Continent from within GPS Nav 2. The purchased maps list does not include the United States. When offline, no US locations show up except at base map resolution. I have checked numerous locations: Salt Lake City, Denver, Des Moines, Chicago, Toledo.
The download was something over 800MB. There is detailed offline data for Canada, Mexico and every other country in North America. Except the United States of America.

Answers to expected questions:
1. All of these places are shown in detail on http://www.openstreetmap.org/
2. Device, OS, Memory, Jailbreak, Provider: iPhone 4s, ios 5.01, 32GB (26GB free), Not jailbreaked, Verizon

Please respond.

23.02.2012, 15:40
Please start the app --> Upgrades --> Installation status --> Purchased --> scroll down to the bottom of the list, the US is listed there --> click on the list and select the US States you currently require.


23.02.2012, 19:24
Thank you for the reply Christin. However, when I go to Upgrades --> Installation status --> Purchased , the app displays "No purchased products available". When I click on installed it shows North America (all countries except United States). I definitely purchased the continent from within the application; otherwise I do not see how it would be installed.

29.02.2012, 12:05
Please do this:

Start the app --> Upgrades --> Redownload --> enter here the password for the Apple ID (= email address) with which you bought the app and the map package the first time --> You have now access to your purchased maps again, for free. Install the maps you need via wifi connection in the "Purchased" section and you can use the program offline.

Does it show now?


13.04.2012, 02:32
I am having the same problem. I bought the world set of maps and I don't have the US. I tried the two fixes and neither one worked. Any other ideas? It's kind of odd that the one that I wanted the most is missing.

Update: I was able to get the US maps, by deleting the App, reinstalling it, and redownloading the maps.