View Full Version : Cant see map

02.02.2012, 17:58
Hi... Just bought this its in iphone4s. I bought uk map and downloaded it too. When
I put in a route. See map of uk with pin to my destination when i zoom in it
Disapears to squares with two arrows in shape of a circle!!! Can anyone help!!

18.02.2012, 10:27
I would like to inform you that i dont find Algeria Map from countries Map List, can you support me please

23.02.2012, 15:25
@aud474: You used the map mode, right? Did you already try the navigation mode? The map mode can calculate and display routes but it doesn't give voice instructions. You'd need to use the navigation mode for that. Also, please turn off your device every now and then. Too long standby modes may cause problems for the program.

@JStarks: Algeria is not available as individual map purchase but it's included in the world map package. :)