View Full Version : GPS Nav 2 crashes iPhone

01.02.2012, 23:21

Since some time I use GPS nav2: both the online version and the hybrid with maps. Last week my iPhone crashed while using the navigation in my car. I had to install everything from scratch (I mean, all the content of the iPhone). When I tried to download the maps again, the phone went dead again. It took me even more trouble to get the whole thing working again. Now when I start the app, it just freezes. The phone still works.

Second question: end december I used it to go to Germany and from there to Belgium. Because I was outside Holland I wanted to drive solely on the maps. Unfortunately the app refused to start without online data traffic. Is that normal or should it work solely on the map when outside ones country?

Thnx for helping me out, because when it works, it's an absolutely great navigation system!