View Full Version : Directed wrong way up one way street - even though ForEverMap has it marked correctly

26.01.2012, 00:08
It seems that SatNav2 directs me to travel in the wrong direction down a one way street. :confused: This happened both before and after loading ForEverMap. The best example is in Crieff, Scotland where I have been directed to go north on James Square next to the High Street. I have a new Iphone 4S, with Skobbler installed a few weeks ago.
Many thanks,

26.01.2012, 01:04
I guess you are takling about this part of James Square, right? - http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/8441036

This way has just been been tagged as a one way street on 2011-11-16 in OpenStreetMap data. It looks like Skobbler is unfortunately still using older data for routing. Thus the problem should vanish in some time, when routing data gets updated.

26.01.2012, 01:24
Many thanks, this makes a lot of sense.