View Full Version : No Voice files

20.01.2012, 14:46
I don't see either the option voices, deleted the app and reinstalled it again, same issue. I download the app from the Netherlands. Have no Map's download at this moment.

Can you give advise

I have download the Europe map, installed The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, deleted the app, reinstalled the app, installed again the three countries, but still no Voice files.
What do I wrong?

25.01.2012, 16:20
my voice info works at home with wi fi but out on the road it does not any ideas

27.01.2012, 15:48
Do you mean by "voice info" that you get voice instructions for the navigation while at home, but no voice instructions when using the app in your car?

Which device do you use? Which firmware (= iOS) is installed?