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10.01.2012, 15:30
Are these two separate apps or is Forevermaps an add-on to GPS Nav? I have an IPad 2 with the AT&T 3G capability. I am assuming that I have to activate the 3G functionality before I can use the IPad as a GPS device. If my assumption is correct, why do I have to go online (map updates perhaps)?

Any help would be appreciated as I am a first-time user. Thanks!


10.01.2012, 17:53
GPS Navigation 2 and ForeverMap are two different kinds of programs so they cannot be combined in any way. Yes, in order to use the GPS Navi 2, you'll need to activate 3g as it otherwise won't work. You don't need online connection once you installed offline maps but you'll need 3g to be activated anyway because technically, Apple connected the GPS receiver to the 3g tool. So if you turn off 3g, GPS is turned off as well which is why our (GPS-based) app cannot work anymore.

Hope that helps?


20.02.2012, 18:06
Three questions:

1. If I am abroad (ie roaming), with 3g switched on, but the phone set not to access data whilst roaming, will GPS Nav 2 still work?

2. Can you list the countries that included in the "All Maps" in app purchase (for GPS Nav 2). South Africa for example is only in this package. How about oher countries in the region?

3. In order to use GPS Nav 2 offline, is any further in-app purchase necessary apart from the maps themselves?



23.02.2012, 15:54

# 1: Yes, it will still work as long as you have offline maps installed (available as in-app purchase).

# 2: "All maps" include all countries of the world, I cannot list them all here. :)

# 3: No, only the maps.