View Full Version : Maps are old. Recent updates not visible

08.01.2012, 20:19
You encourage users to updated the map when it is wrong. I did so and my updates are visible in osm but not in GPS Nav 2.
How often are the maps to be used for navigation refreshed?

10.01.2012, 16:50
When did you update your area in OSM? We currently update the maps every 6 - 8 weeks but intend to reduce this to 4 - 6 weeks in the future.


10.02.2012, 01:31
Will Skobbler send out a notice when updated OSM maps are available? I just updated my local map of my area in OSM, but I don't see the changes, so I guess I won't see the changes until sometime in March. I live in Mississippi where the updates were made. Will I need to delete the current MS map before downloading the new version when it's available?