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30.12.2011, 19:01
HI, I `ve bought app+ maps (all).
Start installing them. During the installation (80 % was completed, about 2 of 3 maps were installed) I`ve had to plug in the charger, afterwards the installation procees stopped.
I tryed to complete the installation but when I try to do it with every map, it shows that I`ve installed it already (in fact shows that 100 % downloaded). But if you go to the Installed folder - nothing is here.
I `ve tryed to restart it, logged - nothing happend.

And now I can`t see and install any map I`ve purchased.
Can you help me?
I`m from Russia

04.01.2012, 10:36
We already emailed, right?

For everyone else:
Start the app --> Upgrades --> Redownload --> enter here the password for the Apple ID (= email address) with which you bought the app the first time --> You have now again access to your purchased map, for free.

Then go to Upgrades --> Installation Status --> download the maps required via wifi connection.

When you install the maps to your device, please make sure that the installation process is not disturbed as the app may otherwise crash again. Also, here are further details on the map installation: http://forum.skobbler.com/showthread.php?1595-How-do-I-install-deinstall-a-map.