View Full Version : Wrong Direction Not Resolved

30.12.2011, 15:26
HI there,

I have reported the following bug for two months now (Wrong turn [sko-1265725] ), and it has not been resolved. When driving Morehampton Road, Dublin to Saint Brocs Cottages, Skobbler tells me to turn left onto Mulberry Lane. Mulberry lane is very unsuitable for vehicles and only leads to the back of the chosen destination. Correct route is Morehampton Road, turn left into Pembroke Cottages and Keep left until you arrive at the last four houses. These are Saint Brocs Cottages.

Can anyone advise please?

05.01.2012, 14:32
Thanks for the notification. I passed this on to the Development Team - they need to check on that because you are right concerning the Mulberry Lane (shouldn't be used by the app).

They need to fix the issue, hopefully with one of the next updates already.

Best regards,