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12.06.2010, 00:56
This post
led me to believe that Skobbler would work with the Magellan and TomTom car kits.

I have the TomTom Car Kit for the iPod Touch. This car kit has a built-in GPS receiver... so it's not supposed to matter that the iPod doesn't have one.

TomTom released the "TomTom Car Kit Tool" app, which is a free method to determine if the GPS unit is working correctly. Using this app, I've been able to confirm that the unit can get a fix... and reasonably confirm that the fix is accurate based on the reported lat/long coordinates.

But when I fire up Skobbler, the GPS settings say:
GPS Module: internal
Status: connected
and the lat/long data does appear correct.

But when I go to a location and hit "navigate", it simply sits and spins on the "Searching for GPS Position" screen (I've let it go for up to an hour, and that's all it does). If I go to a location and hit "map", it sits and spins on the "Loading map" screen (again, I've left it for quite a while and nothing else happens).

My wi-fi connection is excellent, and, as I said, Skobbler seems to indicate that it can sense the GPS receiver. But I can't actually get anything to happen.

So I'm wondering if there's something else I need to do?

Any information would be most welcome.
Thanks in advance!

15.06.2010, 22:52
I'm really sorry for the apparent misundertanding, but as a matter of fact, skobbler does require an iPhone 3G or 3GS to start with. The car kits will then significantly increase the GPS performance of either phone. skobbler does not support the iPhone touch.

15.06.2010, 23:04
Ah. That is too bad.

It makes me curious what the technical roadblocks are to making it work, though. I mean, if a GPS receiver is present, it shouldn't really matter if it's internal or external.

But, at least I have my answer, and I'll go somewhere else for my solution.

Thanks Marcus!

03.03.2011, 18:59
I have a MiFi 2200, which provides GPS location info to my iPod Touch 4G. skobbler won't work either, even with the MiFi? or have things improved in the last 9 months, e.g. with the more advanced features on the iPod Touch, such as the A4?

08.03.2011, 10:49
Sorry, still the same: skobbler doesn't work with iPod Touch.

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