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20.12.2011, 20:14
Hi. I am going to Iceland and want to download the map you have on the site so I can use my iPhone as a satnav without having to be connected to wifi or 3G data while I am here. I can download your Iceland map onto my Mac but can't see how to get it into my iPhone. The instructions say

1. Start iTunes
2. Connect your iPhone to the computer
3. Go to your iPhone and then to "Synchronize apps"
4. Scroll down to the bottom, there should be something like "Data release - with the Apps mentioned below you can exchange documents with your iPhone and computer"
5. ForeverMap should appear --> click on it and next to that, go to "insert"/"implement"
6. Then please indicate the data path where you saved the maps
7. Start the synchronizing process
8. Validate the installation on your iPhone (press "OK")
9. Depending on the size of the maps, it might take a while until the synch process is finished. After that, all maps will be on your iPhone.

There is no "synchronize apps" option on an iPhone 4 as far as I can see, could you point me in the right direction?

21.12.2011, 13:21
You'll need to purchase the app first in iTunes and then transfer the map to the app. However, please note that ForeverMap is not a satnav program - voice directions and turn-by-turn are not included. It's more of a digital map (comparable to Google but offline) with the help of which you can orient yourself in Iceland.

If you require a fully working offline navigation, our GPS Navigation 2 might be an option for you. Go to iTunes and read the description and see for yourself. :)


21.12.2011, 19:28
Thanks for your reply Christin. My problem is the transfer of the map (see above). Any advice?

22.12.2011, 14:06
Sorry, I was not quite clear on points # 3 and # 4: It refers to iTunes, not the iPhone. After you plugged in your iPhone to your computer, the rest of the steps take place in iTunes. So start the program, click on your iPhone on the left side in iTunes and then proceed as described above.
Does that help?