View Full Version : ANY Options to Avoid Toll Roads? ALSO Questions regarding $9.99 ALL Maps

18.12.2011, 07:55
Hey EVERYone,

I have some questions.

1) Is there an option to avoid Toll Roads as this is VERY important to me. If not then will such an option be intergrated into this app in future updates?

2) If I spend the $9.99 to purchase "All Maps" can I use this on an apple product that does NOT have a cellular connection? For example my iPod Touch? If it works without a cellular connection will it ALSO work without wifi?

3) I purchase "All Maps" for a one time fee and then all future map upgrades are free? How often are these maps updated? Will I NEVER have to pay another updated fee again? ALWAYS future FREE upgrades?

4) Do you plan on intergrating Lane Assist in ANY future updates?

5) Will you plan on adding free traffic rerouting and finding the CHEAPEST gas stations in the future?

6) Will you ever update and have the street announcer announce directions including the actual street names and NOT just turn left, turn right, etc?

7) I purchased Skobbler for 99cents on the iPhone andI tried using it last night and I noticed that if you continue on your path instead of following the GPS directions many times instead of giving you new directions it JUST tells you to make a U-turn. Why is that?

8) Are there going to be lots of NEW Map Updates as well asNEW options implemented ANYwhere in the nNEAR future?

Thank you and I hope EVERYone has a WONDERFUL day! Thanks for ANY assistance. :)

21.12.2011, 13:35
We already emailed. :) The Team will look into the matter regarding the u turns, rest should be clear.