View Full Version : Using ForeverMaps w/Nav2 in Offline Search Mode: "No installable maps found."

13.12.2011, 07:02
I have installed Nav and a ForeverMap for North America on an iPad2.

As I understand it, no online connection is needed to use the ForeverMap--also, that I access the maps through Nav2 and don't need to run the ForeverMap app.

However, when I don't have Wi-Fi accessible, I am told by Nav2 that "No installable maps found." I switch to offline or hybrid mode under settings, but, apparently the setting doesn't get saved, because when I try to calculate a route, I get the error message again.

What am I getting wrong?

Thanks much for any pointers.

14.12.2011, 10:31
To avoid any misunderstanding:
ForeverMap and GPS Navigation 2 are two completely different programs. They cannot be combined, e.g. no FM maps can be used as offline map data for GPS Navi 2.

Please note also that the GPS Navi 2 is only working on iPads with 3g (see our iTunes description).

Hope that clarifies?


14.12.2011, 19:25
Thanks for a speedy reply, Christin.

Now I *am* confused.

What does Navi2 use for map data? And what does ForeverMap do as a stand-alone app?

I've obviously misundersood, thinking that ForeverMap was an addition/upgrade to Navi2.

Can you point me to a user guide or somesuch for both apps ? (You mentioned an iTunes description, e.g.)


21.12.2011, 13:28
Navi 2 uses OSM (OpenStreetMap) data - just like ForeverMap does. However, these two programs are technically very different and cannot be combined in any way.

Navi 2 is a fully working navigation app with the possibility to buy offline maps via in-app purchase. You install those maps via wifi to your device and get an offline navi program.

ForeverMap however is more like a digital map (comparable to Google only offline) with the help of which you can orient yourself on holidays, at home, ... but no voice directions and no turn-by-turn are integrated.

Please go to iTunes, search for both our products and read the detailed descriptions there. They contain more info that I can put here and should clarify even more. :)


21.12.2011, 20:15
Thanks much, Christin.