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08.06.2010, 12:54
With all the changes you are currently making, will the current version of Skobbler and any forthcoming updates, be affected by those of us who will purchase the new iPhone 4? As you know, Steve Jobs announced that it will be available in 16 days and I am sure, from what we have seen, that even more millions will be sold here first and then abroad.

I was wondering if you will need to make any drastic changes for the latest iOS 4? I can't be certain, of course, but I am pretty sure than many who use Skobbler in the US will have the new phone in hand on the 24th here in the US.i

Just thought i would ask and something to ponder. I would hate to lose is because it's not ready since the SDK Gold Edition (I think it was called) is available now.

One final thought, since the iPad has taken over world domination (just kidding), but has done very well, will you be making a Universal App beginning with the iOS 4 so that a big, full-screen version will be more easily visible.

Thanks again, for all your great work.


08.06.2010, 15:36
iOS 4: skobbler is already running on it, and since a couple of weeks we have tested on the beta builds, and so far it seems to work quite stable. So no need to worry when the new device comes out.

iPad: We are looking into it and we are actually already working on one application for it, but a navigation solution from skobbler won't come out in the very near future for the iPad, but I guess in the mid-term it will definitely.