View Full Version : So many problems I don't know where to start

05.11.2011, 00:04
I bought your app today and was disappointed that my subdivision and lake are not on the map. I have lived in my home here for 8 years. I thought maybe if i purchased the north america map it might help. While downloading the maps, the app crashed. I sent in the crash report. I tried to "redownload" and it ran for a little while and said it was complete. It only shows abut have the countries (no united states) and when I try to "redownload" it just tells me the maps have been "redownloaded".

Several other problems have occurred with your app like trying to "send you an email" does nothing.

I would like a quick resolution to getting the maps downloaded or would like a refund, or will provide very bad feedback on iTunes.

08.11.2011, 16:31
The map data base we use is OpenStreetMap so you might want to check here (http://openstreetmap.org) if your area is covered.
Regarding the map installation, please read some info here http://forum.skobbler.com/showthread.php?1595-How-do-I-install-deinstall-a-map.

Let me know:
- which device you have
- which firmware (iOS) is installed
- jailbrake yes/no