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31.10.2011, 14:09
I have entered a route (a test as I know how to get to my destination)..Nav2 planned the route.. however the route that Nav2 planned is longer than the route I use...is there a way to ask Nav2 for an alternative route
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01.11.2011, 15:13
No, this feature is not available. You can choose between "Fast route" and "Short route" in the Settings of the Navigation, though.


13.03.2012, 00:50
This really should be added as a feature. I also have just done a test route to somewhere i know after my girlfriend said Nav2 recently told her to get off the motorway way, way before she needed to when going to an unknown address. She got there in the end but Nav2 cost her valuable time and should have stayed on the motorway for quite a while longer.

The test route i've just put in again gets off the motorway several junctions too early (fast route), while the 'short route' avoids the motorway entirely, which is completely wrong:confused::(. My girlfriend's now wary about using Nav2 at all. Hopefully this feature might be added soon?


13.03.2012, 09:02
A third option besides "fast" and "short" would be nice; the "smart" or "optimized" or whatever it is usually called.
The shortest way can sometimes be much slower and in other cases the fastest can be much longer. A routing algorithm which takes this as a factor can be found in other navigators and I guess we'll see it here as well? Do you know anything about that Christin?

I haven't tried the Nav2 so much yet but so far I must say it has routed pretty well. Swede, have you checked if the map itself is ok? The thing you describe sounds so much like Waze when the junctions get f**ed up in the map itself. If you just keep driving your test route the way you know is right, does the Nav2 reroute you to take off on the right junction or will it never use that one?


03.05.2012, 02:13
I would strongly support this request as a very high priority. My reasoning is the following: The shortest route usually avoids major highways and the fastest route often goes many miles out of the way in order to find a major highway. I would like other route options that optimize the time to get to the destination. If you use google for mapping you will see that if often provides 3 suggested routes and you can choose the one you like the best. One possibility would be to allow the addition of pins or waypoints that force the route along a desired path.

03.05.2012, 14:35
With the next update (around mid/end of May) there will be more route options, the Team is already working on it.


25.09.2012, 15:18
I've recently downloaded the latest version of the SatNav2 app - very happy with it so far, a couple of small issues aside.

Just wanted to know whether these extra route options will appear in-app any time soon?

SatNav2 seems to want to avoid motorways at all costs for my travel plans, which is not ideal.

14.03.2013, 18:37
This feature really needs to be added, for the time being I'll stick to Google Maps, it's routes are shorter and more sensible in many ways. Also, it doesn't try to direct me to turn right at a junction where a building was built a few years ago.

21.06.2013, 10:07
Hi Christin/Skobbler team,

back in May 2012 you said that there will be more route options starting from end of May 2012. It's end of June 2013 and I see only 2 options: short/fast route. Is there a plan to add more route options any time soon?


With the next update (around mid/end of May) there will be more route options, the Team is already working on it.


25.06.2013, 10:50
So far, "toll roads yes/no" have been implemented. More features are to come but I cannot give a precise date for them, sorry. The team knows that there is demand for more route options.