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26.10.2011, 08:40
I've just downloaded the app to my iPad. My town does not exist despite other local, smaller, towns being there and having a label.

How to I get my town to have a label and be searchable? Lisle, Dordgne, France 24350

26.10.2011, 19:05
Are you sure about the spelling of "Dordgne"? At least in the map and in Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisle,_Dordogne) it is spelled "Dordogne". Your village is already there and can be found with the different spelling. See e. g. http://open.mapquestapi.com/nominatim/v1/details.php?place_id=2138081772. Is "24350" the post code (code postal) of Lisle, as stated in Wikipedia? Then it should probably be added to the node of the village. Currently there is only a ref:INSEE key (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:ref:INSEE) (used for INSEE numbers) with this value for your village, which is likely not used for searching. According to Wikipedia and http://recensement.insee.fr/searchResults.action?zoneSearchField=&codeZone=24243-COM this number is probably even wrong as the INSEE number.

I have noticed, that while your village can be found in the map, all of the streets there have their names still missing. If you know any of them, you could add bugs on http://www.mapdust.com/ so somebody from the OpenStreetMap community can pick these up and add the names to the map. You also could become a member of the OpenStreetMap community and add the names (and anything else that is missing on the map) by yourself. To find out more about OpenStreetMap you might start at http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenStreetMap or http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/FR:Main_Page.

26.10.2011, 22:41
Yes, sorry, I miss-typed Dordogne. But the village of Lisle (24350) does not show on the Forever map downloaded to my iPad. I can certainly add all the street name detail on DustMap. Forget the INSEE reference (24243), it has nothing to do with the postcode (24350) and is an administrative reference number. There is definitely nothing coming up on the search facility and when I close in on the map, the village simply does not show when viewed on the application Forevermap on iPad although, as you say it is on the openstreetmap website with all the roads: maybe there is a glitch somewhere between the two softwares. I have no idea what 'node' is as I am not that techy !

My neighbouring towns only have the main road showing and none of the minor roads that do show on the openstreetmap. There is clearly data missing in translation from onestreetmap to Forevermaps.

27.10.2011, 23:18
Since I neither have an iOS device, nor able to find a download source for a ForeverMap (lite) apk for Android, I am unable to analyze this further. It could be missing, because the map data in ForeverMap is to old. Are you sure, you are using the latest maps? The node for Lisle was added on 2011-05-08 in OpenStreetMap, so if your map in ForeverMap is based on older data, it won't be there. Perhaps the Skobler staff here can tell you, how old the map of France is. You also could check, if Grand-Brassac is also missing. It was added the same day, while e. g. Montagrier, Tocane Saint Apre and Creyssac are in OpenStreetMap since 2009.

Since you confirmed the correct INSEE and the postcode, I have added/fixed them for the node of Lisle. A node in OpenStreetMap meaning is a simple spot on the map, which can have attached data like a name of a town. You can find more details on http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/FR:Node. Now the node of Lisle also contains data of your post code. :)

Feel free to add the missing street names to MapDust (or even directly to OpenStreetMap, which would require a free registration). When somebody adds them to OpenStreetMap, they will show up there within minutes. One advice: Please use only your knowledge or public data like road signs. Do not copy from copyrighted maps.