View Full Version : no voice directions

21.10.2011, 13:20
I this app yesterday and it got me home which is always a good start!!!

However, i had to do this by watching the screen. so i paid for the british maps thinking that will contain the voice pack. i have done this and still no voice direction from the app, does anyone else have voice direction and how i can fix this if this is the case?

25.10.2011, 13:31
The voices are automatically downloaded once you start the app the first time, it's got nothing to do with the offline maps you buy. As long as you are online (anywhere in the world) there have to be voices, too, of course.
So I'd suggest you re-install the app. Please be aware that the UK map will be deleted too, and that you have to install it again (for free). However, this might solve the issue. And please make sure that once you start the app for the first time, the voice files are downloaded properly (just give it 1.5 minutes, then it's done).


02.11.2011, 22:00
Hello, I'm having the same problem!

I've tried reinstalling the app, and paid close attention to ensure it downloaded then installed all the audio files.

I've tried switching 'voice off' to 'voice on' and it did give me the first few seconds of my journey in voice directions as well as visual, but then went silent of its own accord.

I've tried the i-pod function, and it does work so there is definately not a problem with the sound on my phone.

I've tried switching the phone off then restarting it, and notice that when I enter this app that the default setting is 'voice off'. Does this have something to do with it? Help me please!

06.11.2011, 04:13
I am also having the same problem as Rossco and have tried the same things with no luck on restoring voice. I did have a phone call yesterday while navigating and the voice was talking in the phone headset when it was near my ear. Any ideas?