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21.10.2011, 10:33
I downloaded the app from the App Store and thought 'wow I like this, let's by the European map pack'
First I panicked when I found out that it was 4gb..bit of warning about the size might have helped
Now after god knows how many hours of downloading and installing I cannot use the app as it crashes as soon as I start the App :(
Now my diagnostics area is filled with SkobblerUK logs

Was it worth me spending my money???

Anyone else with the same issues

25.10.2011, 13:25
In general, you don’t have to download all maps purchased just “to have” them. They will always be available to you once you bought them. Depending on your needs, they are exchangeable and you can delete and re-download them over and over again.

So I'd suggest you reduce the amount of maps you installed in order to get a bit more space again on your device. Follow these steps:
“Upgrades” --> “Available for download” --> “Installed”. Choose the country you want to delete by clicking on it and a delete-button will pop up.

If the app still crashed, you'll need to re-install it. Please note that all maps already installed will be deleted, too. However, this seems to be the only way at the moment to get you out of this crash issue.
BTW: Did you re-start your iPhone since the crash? That might also already help.


25.10.2011, 16:32
so I should delete and then re-install just the maps I would want to use.
I cannot get to the update area

26.10.2011, 14:34
You get to the "Upgrades" section when you start our app, it's the button in the right lower corner of the main menu.


26.10.2011, 16:16
since I deleted and re-installed I can now use the app.
Previously I could not even get to the 'upgrades' area as it crashed as soon as it started
BUt it seems to be working at present