View Full Version : Map inconsistencies between OSM and GPS Nav 2??

19.10.2011, 13:32
I've noticed that the map data employed by the GPS Nav 2 app isn't the same as the map data I find on OSM. For instance, there is a new motorway outside my town, which - granted - was opened just last week (which is reflected in OSM), but has actually been visible in the OSM source material since July. Why doesn't it show in Skobbler when it's available on OSM? I thought Skobbler downloaded it's map material from OSM, not doing so means a lot of the reported map bugs will actually not be bugs at all since they're fixed in the "live" OSM, but not in the apparently several months old version used by the Skobbler app.
(EDIT: And the same goes for MapDust, it doesn't show the same roads as OSM does in this area).

One thing that still holds me back from replacing my old TomTom GO, is the inability to edit maps on the go. On my TomTom, which has had these roads in it's maps since early this year, I could immediately unblock them (and block others now closed off for construction) on my own GPS unit to get the currently best routing based on these changes. Local edits of this kind would be a very welcome addition to Skobbler, as would some kind of TMC-like functionality.

Other than that, it's a very good little app and very easy to use, but I don't feel it's quite up to the task of replacing a purpose-built GPS just yet. But I'm going to keep using it as a secondary solution, anyway.

19.10.2011, 15:11
Of course the map data from OSM isn't updated daily, but the last I heard was that it should be updated approximately monthly, which is better than other navigation devices I think.
Well, some things don't work in skobbler that others can do - I can live with that. And hope that some things will be added soon.

19.10.2011, 16:56
I would expect that a program that uses OSM as a data source would actually use the real thing, and not a third-party cached copy, especially when featuring a map bug reporting system, causing many "false" bug reports simply due to not using the live OSM map. In this case, I can definitely say that Skobbler's map data for this area has not been updated at least since before July, since the roads were created in OSM during July. The commercial maps used by Navigon and TomTom, have had these roads mapped (visible but deactivated) since the first map update this year, and OSM activated the roads on the day they were opened.

Actually, I'm thinking it would be interesting to map a few roads that are currently unmapped in OSM, and see how long it takes before they appear in Skobbler.