View Full Version : Great Job! A few suggestions...

02.06.2010, 03:07
Hey guys,

Bravo on your app, from one programmer to another. I've been saying for years that users should be able to correct errors in GPS maps, Skobbler is awesome for this! I love the app, but I do have a suggestion or two...

- Landscape mode (I know it's been said but I figure I'll let you know I want it too)
- I don't see the speed limits on my app, am I missing something?
- Is there/will there be an option to keep the screen on? I always have my phone plugged in in the car, and I hate the screen turning off.
- I noticed that sometimes what is said (ex. "Turn in half a mile") doesn't match what screen tells me
- I'd love to have a little more heads up on where to turn - like "take ramp to 192 East" rather than "take ramp to 192" etc.

03.06.2010, 00:45
Thanks for your feedback.

Definitely one of the most asked-for features. We'll introduce it in a few months time.

Speed Limits:
skobbler displays speed limits as long as they are present in the OpenStreetMap (OSM). Please vist http://wiki.openstreetmap.org for more info on OSM.

It should stay on tbh. Are you maybe using a "non-Apple-certified" car charger? We've heard of people experiencing this problem when they used 3rd-party gear.

We'll have a look at the two last bullet points.

11.06.2010, 23:33
I would also like the app to access my contact folder for addresses. Rather than manually typing in. Possibly even get it to work with google maps when I search for a destination, then ask it to send the location to Skobbler. Not sure how you'd be able to do that, but I would really find it useful.

15.06.2010, 22:49
Thanks for bringing this up. Your suggestion is noted as this would be useful indeed - I'm not sure how we'd be able to do that either though ;)