View Full Version : Strange problem with a railway level crossing.

17.10.2011, 16:52
I've just bought the UK maps, and any route either from or to my home seems to suggest a four mile detour.

From a bit of playing around it seems to have an issue with the Railway level crossing about 1/3 mile from my home.

The level crossing is here between these two points.



I'm new to this app and forum, so can I log this as a bug or fix this error?


18.10.2011, 15:02
We checked that. This is due to a priority tag in the OSM map. The street which leads to your detour has a higher priority which is why this one is chosen for the route, and not the other one which would indeed be shorter.

If you want to contribute to the OSM projekt, please feel free to do so: http://openstreetmap.org. :)


21.10.2011, 11:19
Hi, I signed up to the OSM and posted the same problem there.

Their reply was

In this case, the level crossing node is correctly tagged as railway=level_crossing so I would report it as a bug; routing priority is something internal to Skobbler's routing algorithms and not part of the OpenStreetMap data itself.

So is this a bug with the routing?

I can be with 500m of my destination and the app still wants me to take a 3mile detour!

25.10.2011, 13:27
I'll forward this issue to our Quality Control Team so that they can check on it. I'll report any news as soon as I have them! Thanks for taking your time to register with the OSM community. :)