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14.10.2011, 18:06
It was mentioned that the online search would be better but that the offline search doesn't work at all is a big bug!
Why? Well, because that is why most people need this app.
So, I am offline and all US offline maps are installed. I hit the 'Navigation' button then the 'Dest. address' button. All I get is an empty 'notes' style screen with a line on the top that has a target symbol on the left and 'City' written next to it.
So the input screen is already different than in 'online' mode where I see the typical address fields like 'street', 'city' etc.
Alright, lets give 'City' next to the target a chance...
Why not going to 'Ann Arbor' to do some tailgating before the football game and 'Go Blue'? So I tried to type in 'Ann Arbor' and return.
Except that 'Ann Arbor' is still written in the field nothing happens!
I tried everything (with zip code, state, street addresses etc) for different cities but always with the same result.

In short: You can not select an address while you are in offline mode --> can not navigate from airport to Hotel when you were bold enough not to enter the address while you had the chance at home.

Is the app really unable to set a destination while offline with loaded offline maps?:confused:

Other than that the SW makes a good impression even though the voice announcements could be more precise on Hwy exits. The announcement should be something like: ' First/second exit to turn onto interstate xyz'

iPad2, iOS4, Nav2

18.10.2011, 09:50
I don't have this problem - works fine in offline mode in Germany.
Don't know why this happens for you...

28.11.2011, 10:58
When Search mode is set to Offline I can only "search" addresses by selecting from a predefined list. It's only when Search mode is On-/offline I can search on addresses I type in.


28.11.2011, 11:03
Did you try in offline mode to tap the field where there is written "City"?
If you tap there, you can enter the city - and for me all cities I needed were found this way.

29.11.2011, 16:05
Did you try in offline mode to tap the field where there is written "City"?
If you tap there, you can enter the city - and for me all cities I needed were found this way.
Thanks - that was helpfull. It wasn't all that obvious

01.01.2012, 18:55
I too cannot get to a screen for the input of a post code (zip code). I do not want to start with a city as the nearest listed city is more than 100 miles! I used to be able to search for a post code in the previous version.... Please can I have this facility back.

Yes I can use the online computer version to get to a post code and save it back to my phone but this does not help when you are out and about in a car miles from anywhere with 3G!

04.01.2012, 11:13
As already mentioned above, the listed cities are only suggestions. Type in "City" and search for the city you want to go. Search for post codes is currently not included.

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04.01.2012, 16:06
Thanks for the response. I do feel that, especially in the UK things are not necessarily related to any particular city so that word - CITY - in the field should be replaced with 'search' showing that it should be replaced with a string, such as a post code. I also think that a post-code search is essential and should be a priority for the development.