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15.02.2017, 15:58
For those who want to test/upgrade to 3.0.3:

Objective-C: http://www1.skobbler.com/iphonebuilds/JenkinsArchives/20170515/SKMapsDemo_Module_trunk_5482.zip
Swift: http://www1.skobbler.com/iphonebuilds/JenkinsArchives/20170515/SKMapsDemoSwift_Module_trunk_5482.zip

Builds without simulator slice:
Objective-C: http://www1.skobbler.com/iphonebuilds/JenkinsArchives/20170516/SKMapsDemo_Module_trunk_5482.zip
Swift: http://www1.skobbler.com/iphonebuilds/JenkinsArchives/20170516/SKMapsDemoSwift_Module_trunk_5482.zip

Android: http://share.skobbler.com/android/PublicSDK3.0.3/Production/PublicDemo.zip

Please find attached the change logs for 3.0.3:
2618 2617

The release notes:

[Android and iOS] Added a new API for rerouting from the last matched position. Use this when the route is calculated using a GPX file and a rerouting is needed for navigating on the GPX route from current position.
[Android] Added method setAttributionsLayout. The method can be used to move the Scout and OSM attributions in the four corners of the screen by using the SKAttributionPosition attribute with the values BOTTOM_RIGHT|BOTTOM_LEFT| TOP_LEFT| TOP_RIGHT.
[Android] Added methods for checking the SDK versioning, the name of the SDK version file name, and the traffic status.

[iOS] Smaller SDK size (for builds without Bitcode support)
[iOS] Zoom issue fix in the navigation mode
[Android and iOS] Fixed issue with TxgPackageInfoWrapper which caused multiple crashes
[Android and iOS] Fixed reversed lat/long when extended points are requested at route calculation
[Android and iOS] Fixed issue for the didUpdateRouteTraffic delegate method which reported incorrect values for newDurationOfCurrentRoute.

16.02.2017, 18:04
Hi Adrian,

Still a bit confused about the simulator slice or non-simulator slice. In our email conversation you mentioned that the build with simulator slice can't be submitted to the App Store, but I need this build to run and test on the simulator.

Does this mean I have to change the build every time I'm preparing to upload for the App Store? This was not the case with the previous versions of the framework.

Best regards,

16.02.2017, 18:08
Does this build also include a fix for the bug mentioned in this thread: http://forum.skobbler.com/showthread.php/14577-Frequent-crashes-in-production-when-exiting-app (frequent crashes while exiting app)?

17.02.2017, 10:38
The builds with simulator architectures canít be submitted to the App Store. On 3.0.2 it was the same situation.
If you use the non simulator builds, you can run the tests on the apple test devices you are using.
Yes, the builds includes this bug fix.

17.02.2017, 11:02
OK, thanks Adrian. Strange though, I have been using only one build from 2.5.1 onward (also 3.0.2). Tested on simulator with this build and submitting to app store without problems. Could this have something to do with bit code turned on or off? I have it turned off. In any case not a big deal. I have SKMaps set up as a local cocoapods development pod so easy to change. Thanks again for the excellent support. Really appreciate it!

05.03.2017, 03:27
Any chance this includes the android nougat bug fix?


13.03.2017, 16:46
@mrapitis This fix in not included. Our dev team is working as we speak on this. We will release a hotfix when completed.

20.03.2017, 20:08

found 2 issues in iOS objc version:
1. on rotation callout view changes it's coordinates and doesn't point to annotation

2. [[SKReverseGeocoderService sharedInstance] reverseGeocodeLocation:] returns incorrect country name for following coordinates: GPS lon: 24.210327; GPS lat: 56.942188. Country should be "Latvia" but it returns "Germany".


31.03.2017, 10:18
Thanks Serzh87. I'll report them to our dev team. The fixes will be available in our next release.

08.05.2017, 14:56
Hi Serzh87,

Below you'll find the feedback from our dev team:

Tested in our demo and [[SKReverseGeocoderService sharedInstance] reverseGeocodeLocation:] returned the expected country name for the given coordinates.
The user has to make sure the SDK has downloaded tiles or offline packages for that country. Please see the attached result.