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17.09.2011, 01:58
I just bought (and installed) your application ForeverMap for iPad.
As suggested I downloaded a map from France.
If I want to add another one, I can only get teh European countries.
I would be very interested in getting maps from other parts of the world : US, New-Zealand, Philippines, Australia... you name it!
How can this be done.
Thank you

21.09.2011, 11:06
Downloading maps from other countries is only possible through the different iTunes Stores: If you want to have maps for America, Canada + Mexico, you will have to get our ForeverMap from the US iTunes Store. These maps are not (yet) compatible with the European version of ForeverMap.
Other countries such as New Zealand, Australia, etc. are not available at the moment for ForeverMap, sorry. We hope we can add more countries soon.

Best regards,

22.09.2011, 02:32
I think, I read somewhere your motto "You'll never buy another map..."
Yes, I will, or at least, I'd like to!! As an European consumer, with no bank account in the States, I CAN'T get anything (except if it's free) on the US iTunes Store!
So, even if I had a wish to do it, it's impossible.
Because OpenStreetMaps is part of the OpenSource World, my feeling is that the maps issued from that base should be distributed for free, when you've to pay for the APP on top.
About New Zealand and all the other countries, I just hope it becomes available somehow in the future.