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09.09.2011, 19:51
Hi, is there a way to mute the voice element of the navigation on Android? (HTC Desire stock 2.2)

I know that I can turn the volume down with the phone volume however if I do this then it lowers the volume of the music playing from the phone. I have read the manual included in the app which mentions muting the voice but alas I can not seem to do this.

Any help is much appreciated as I think the product itself is a great little app and I would love to continue to use it but unless I can find a way to mute the voice, alas I will have to go back to the dreaded G#**le! :)

14.09.2011, 14:26
Sorry, this is currently an app issue. The volume in the app cannot be in-/decreased but only through your device itself. We are working on it with our next update!

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04.09.2013, 23:20
Quick work-around.
In the app, you can send the audio to the Sound Out Port or Bluetooth (I'd tell you exactly where, but the app is updating and won't launch yet). I selected to send sound out to Bluetooth, while I listen to my headphones, or vice-versa send sound to the audio out and feed my music through bluetooth. It's not elegant for muting, but it works.

I would like to see the sound volume have three choices for the navigation:
-Constant Volume selection; so i can select a constant volume separate from devices audio (music, video, etc.)
-Auto-mute using acquire "audio focus"

I really like the choice to select where the audio goes; i.e. bluetooth or audio out. Great job skobbler developers!!

12.09.2013, 14:36
@paulr: Thank you for the feedback. I'll forward it to the team. :)

09.12.2013, 05:52
For what it's worth, I would also like to see this feature implemented. I frequently use navigation on public busses, to ensure I get off at the correct stop, and the audio navigation directions can be an annoyance if I am simultaneously trying to listen to something. Thanks!

18.11.2014, 09:40
Thank you for the feedback. I will forward your suggestion to the team.