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28.10.2016, 09:36
For those who want to test/ upgrade to 3.0.2:

iOS builds:
[ObjC]: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rptedb0n5e3gicw/SKMapsDemo_Module.zip?dl=0
[Swift]: https://www.dropbox.com/s/em22gfmr7smy117/SKMapsDemoSwift_Module.zip?dl=0

Android build:

The traffic API is not exposed in the public SDK; if you are using the traffic API please send an email to dev@telenav.com so that we can provide you the traffic enabled builds.

Please find attached the change logs for 3.0.1:
2592 2593

The release notes:
Added support for raster images overlays. The overlays can be added either on top of the map (foreground) or under the map (background)

[iOS] Fixed support for Bitcode
[iOS] Updated the Swift demo project to be fully compatible with Swift 3
[iOS] Modified demo project so that we showcase how to implement audio ducking
[iOS] Re-implemented the way handling hand gestures was done so that we are now inline with the Apple guidelines
[Android] Fixed issue where onSingleTap and onCompassSelected were both called when clicking on the compass
[Android] Fixed polyline width support (can take a value between 1 and 100)
[Android] Fixed SKRouteAdvice.getAdvicePosition so that now the correct values are returned for the latitude and longitude (before you received the latitude when asking for the longitude)
[Android] Added minZoomLevel support for SKMapCustomPOI
[Android] Added missing languages to the possible languages enumeration
[Android] Added missing enum values from the potential results of SKPackageManager.addOfflinePackage
[Android and iOS] Fixed issues with ETA when traffic was ON
[Android and iOS] Added support for the "hybrid" mode for OneLineSearch - the SDK will first try to retrieve result from the server (online) and if a server connection is not available it will search in the available offline packages (offline)

31.10.2016, 20:57
Something went wrong with map updates/downloads .. I can not install any map anymore.. this is happening in my project and your demo project as welll ..

D/SKMaps: SKVersionManager---- newversioncallback updatemapversionstatus=0
D/SKMaps: SKVersionManager----Version file update status = 0 success
D/SKMaps: SKVersionManager----Request done at startup
D/SKMaps: SKVersionManager----Current version is 0
D/SKMaps: SKVersionManager----Current maps version is 0 => must update it to the last remote maps version
D/SkobblerNG: SKMaps - Trying to update to version 20160426
D/SKMaps: SKVersionManager---- Map was updated to remote version = 20160426 mapVersionSet=false
D/SKMaps: SKVersionManager----mapVersionSet = false, mapUpdateListener = rate.lv.motochapter.SplashActivity@4276d890
D/SKMaps: SKVersionManager----A new map version was detected 20160426 rate.lv.motochapter.SplashActivity@4276d890
E/onNewVersionDetected: New version = 20160426

during installation ..

D/SKMaps: SKToolsUnzipPerformer----The path of the file that must be installed = /data/data/rate.lv.motochapter/files/SKMaps/Maps/downloads/AX.zip
D/SKMaps: SKToolsUnzipPerformer----Start unzipping file with path = /data/data/rate.lv.motochapter/files/SKMaps/Maps/downloads/AX.zip
D/SKMaps: SKToolsUnzipPerformer----Unzip finished. Start installing current resource (performed by NG library)
D/SKMaps: SKPackageManager----@addOfflinePackage /data/data/rate.lv.motochapter/files/SKMaps/Maps/downloads/ AX, getlocalmapversion() = 0
D/SKMaps: SKPackageManager----@addOfflinePackage result 16
D/SKMaps: SKToolsUnzipPerformer----Current resource installing result code = 16
D/SKMaps: SKToolsUnzipPerformer----The AX resource was successfully downloaded and installed by our NG component.
D/SKMaps: SKToolsDownloadPerformer----The file was deleted from its current installation folder
D/SKMaps: SKToolsUnzipPerformer----The install thread has stopped

31.10.2016, 23:30
@dandronic Yesterday I noticed that The Lat/Long in the SKViaPointInfo object obtained from SKNavigationState, is ALSO backwards. And I think this is may be why the ETA for the via points in this object are wrong.

Did this build fix the lat/long reveresel in the SKViaPointInfo object as well?
If not can we get a custom build with this fix?

02.11.2016, 12:11
We've re-uploaded the Android binaries (same links) - something went wrong at the build process and there were corrupted - please redownload and re-test.

09.11.2016, 22:34

Maps are downloading great.
Min Zoom Level works great as well..