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15.08.2011, 22:00
I just downloaded forevermap North america (2.1 if I remember right) and then downloaded the virginia map on my EVO 4G (rooted and running MIUI). Unfortunately the map area is just black (whether or not I have a gps lock). If I touch the black area the app dies. I tried changing some settings such as map view, highway signs etc. but to no avail. Also I tried searching for addresses, but it doesn't find anything in the database despite getting the appropriate map.

I have been very excited about a good offline OSM implementation and was expecting this to be the real answer. Any help would be great. Thanks

17.08.2011, 17:58
I have solved my own problem. It was of no real fault of forevermap. By default, I have set it so that new applications are firewalled from the internet. I had forgotten this, and was also puzzled by forevermap saying that I needed an internet connection when it first started (even when I already had a wifi one). So instead of using the built in downloader, I had downloaded it from the website and had the above problem (black map). When I reinstalled forevermap, I noticed the firewall and fixed it. Now forevermap works perfectly.

While I got it to work, it seems that you need an internet connection to get up and running. Downloading a map from a computer and following the map installation instructions did not work for me.

Thanks for the great app, I look forward to updates.

24.08.2011, 11:30
Thanks for the feedback. Yes, you'll need WLAN for the map download - installation through computer only works for Apple devices at the moment, sorry..

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