View Full Version : How do I report a bug via the website?

10.08.2011, 11:36
Searching for my home address on the website creates and incorrect result. I want to tell you this, but I can't find a method.

10.08.2011, 12:03
Go to http://www.mapdust.com/ and just click on the map where you want to report a bug! Try to enter as much information and details in the description as possible (and necessary), so that the bug can be identified and fixed quickly.

04.12.2013, 13:12
Die Karten befinden sich normalerweise auf der SD-Karte unter /android/data/com.skobbler.forevermap/files/Maps/v1/20130704/package

15.10.2016, 17:59
you can learn more on the Internet there are many documents that