View Full Version : Are Navigation maps available offline?

08.08.2011, 10:20
Just got ForeverMap and now thinking I should have got Skobbler as well/instead. Are the Skobbler maps downloaded for use offline?


08.08.2011, 11:23
It connects to the internet during use and dynamically downloads the map pieces that you need for your route. This results in two benefits for you:
You can instantly start navigating after your purchase and don’t need to go through a tediously long map download process via iTunes on your PC.
You can rather use your iPhone’s storage capacity for your pictures, videos and music.
from http://www.skobbler.net/apps/navigation

09.08.2011, 10:32
So presumably I need a wifi or 3G connection to use this app? Not really practicable when abroad and on data roaming?