View Full Version : Error: Required Parameter Missing [Navigate to Contacts]

03.08.2011, 14:11
When I chose to navigate to my contacts' addresses, I get Error: required parameter missing.

iOS - 4.2.10
Carrier- Verizon

09.08.2011, 11:32
Do you synchronize your contacts via Outlook or any other program? If that's the case, then skobbler does indeed sometimes have problems to locate the contact on the map. This is due to the synchronization process during which some parameters (such as "Country" or "City", etc.) are not properly transferred to your mobile (but still: for the user invisible). This is something our developers are already working on because some other users do have the same problem, too. We hope we can fix this with the next update. Sorry I don't have any better news for you at the moment.

What you can do, however, is to save the addresses concerned manually and check if the same error still occurs. It shouldn’t if all parameters are filled in properly (don’t forget the “Country”).

Best regards,