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05.07.2011, 12:26
When I first started using Skobbler for Android the map would periodically update. This motivated me to fix problems in the OSM data. I have been doing this as much as I can. However it seems that the map that skobbler uses hasn't been updated in a VERY long time. Why have updates stop? When can we expect the next update to happen?

06.07.2011, 14:04
Updates are still made every two weeks. In order to be able to check your specific issues, please let me have the data in question/some examples of the updates you did and which don't show in the map.

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06.07.2011, 14:44
lets start with this one:
When I reported the bug the android app was telling me to turn right on Bayswater road. I have since updated the OSM with the turn restriction. The bug itself is now showing a route going the wrong way down a one-way street.