View Full Version : Use case - ability to bookmark current location for easy return navigation

14.06.2011, 19:36
Here is a use case that I am currently struggling to make work.

I am currently in rural Bordeaux on holiday. I need to do offline route planning as I have no cellular data connection, so I want to use Forevermap when I'm out to plan a route back to the chateau.

I can't find a way to bookmark the current location (or indeed any arbitrary point) in order to calculate the route back here from elsewhere.

Is this possible? If not, please consider this a feature request.

Kind regards

20.06.2011, 14:34
You can bookmark a position as follows: Click on the screen/your current position and a pin will appear. Click on it, and open the POI by clicking on the little blue arrow. Then you can choose between "Set start", "Set destination" and "Manual position". Click on "Manual position" and the little star in the left upper corner. It will turn yellow and the position is bookmarked.