View Full Version : Keeps asking for download maps

02.05.2011, 10:34

Live in Sweden, using SE Arc. Happy to buy but only free version available here.
After installation, I downloaded maps for Sweden, Denmark and Poland. But I can't use the application. Each time I start it, it detects my location in Sweden and want to download map again. Tried doing it a 2nd time, but can't get past this...


04.06.2011, 13:22
I have the same problem on the ARC. only thing is I paid for the app and now it aint working... everytime I download a map the program closes and fails to load again.

08.12.2012, 17:58
Similar issue; I live in Pennsyvania USA. I downloaded the Pennsylvania map for offline use. Seemed to be working fine until I lost my wifi connection. Now when I try to pan the map, I get the message; "map data could not be loaded, please check your data connection". Why do I need a data connection to view maps offline that I've already downloaded?

09.01.2013, 16:33
@Bill: Does this error persist? Which device do you use? Which Android version is installed? You are not in flight mode, are you?