View Full Version : Skobbler on Blackberry Playbook?

21.04.2011, 16:09
I see Skobbler on ipads and android machines gets very good recommendations on many forums as concerns its use of Openstreetmap -a decisive feature for me.

Indeed I am considering buying a specific machine to become an OSM-based GPS.

I am still hesitating between various models, but I'd appreciate a system that isn't too close to internet monopolies like Apple and google.

Now, I fully appreciate these two certainly bring a vital user base to Skobbler!

My question is, do you plan to have an extra development for Blackberry Playbooks?

The playbook size would fit for a comfortable GPS screen IMHO, and I am definitely in favor of what would be a german-canadian product!

28.04.2011, 10:35
At the moment, we don't intend to develop for Blackberry, sorry. All our capacities are needed for a complete "refurbishment" of our current skobbler Navigation for Apple and Google Android.

Best regards,

25.05.2011, 13:51
Thank you for this quick answer Christin!
I now see there will be a support for Android applications in the Blackberry playbook.
I hope your development on Android will turn compatible with this feature!
All the best for Skobbler,