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14.04.2011, 17:59
Hi List,

Hope I am in the right place for these questions.

Have installed Skobbler & ForeverMap on my HTC Desire which is runnung Android 2.2. When I start Skobbler it always tells me 'Connection Failed! The activation could not be processed. Please check your internet connection!' I activate my internet connection and the application starts. This happens every time I start Skobbler. How on earth am I supposed to use Skobbler if I am away from home, in the middle of nowhere without a wireless connection?

I have other problems too in that I simply cannot get the application to 'remember' where 'home' is. Have read the manual that comes with the application but when I type in my postcode and 'Search' application finds my street and then nothing else happens. I have to do this each time I use Skobbler.

So far it's been a bit of a disaster. A few words about my understanding of things high tech: I get along fine with computers. It's my job to make them work when they die/get fed up/go on strike. Phones are a complete mystery to me; they have no logic or common standard among models so I don't get along with them so well. This is my first 'outing' with android.

I would be grateful for any help that can be offered...please type slowly.

Thanks & regards


21.04.2011, 11:38
Hi Michael,

skobbler Navigation only works with a proper internet connection because the maps are loaded constantly during usage. Therefore, it won't work offline. If you are an UK/US resident, skobbler will have problems with your post code which is why it probably cannot remember your home address.

Best regards,

22.04.2011, 13:36
Hi Christin,

Thanks for your reply.

Misunderstood the blurb. Thought that Forever Maps would change this. Ah well, try something else.

Many thanks again for your reply.



19.10.2013, 15:56
Hi christin, I thought this software did offline navigation, or are you referring just to finding the postcode?

Edit: sorry, it seems it works if you've downloaded a map onto the device. Apologies.

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