View Full Version : how to / new feature? -- how to see list view or full route

26.05.2010, 18:47
I downloaded this app yesterday and I think it has great promise to thank you for all the hard work so far.

After I enter directions on my iphone I would like to quickly see a list or map overview of the entire route so that I can ensure it makes sense and is something that I want to follow. Can I do this in any way? if not it would be a good feature.


26.05.2010, 21:38
Currently actually you can't do this unfortunately. What you can do is you can zoom manually out, but this has a restricted maximum zoom level.
We are looking into this feature since a bit and with the skobbler version 3.0 (~August) it should be supported.

26.05.2010, 21:42
thank you for the prompt response.

perhaps remove the maximum zoom out lock until you implement this new feature?

27.05.2010, 13:40
the problem is actually that we can't remove this zoom out lock, because otherwise we get performance problems on the 3G phones.
We are working for the 3.0 skobbler on a feature that allows us exactly to zoom out without loosing performance.
Please allow us this time to fix this, I know it can be annoying not to have an overview route.