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13.04.2011, 18:14
We are moving and I need to change my "home", but I can't figure out how to do it. I tried erasing all my locations including the one that is home, but it still takes me back to my old home instead of asking me where home is.

Secondly, I only seem to be able to add places under My locations > Favorites. When I go to My locations > My locations, I get a screen that shows "My addresses" as 0, and when I hit that nothing happens - blank screen with no way to add addresses.


21.04.2011, 11:20
You can add addresses through our website. Log in with your credentials, and then go to "My skobbler" --> "My Addresses" and you can add them - it will be synchronized with our app automatically so that all your added addresses will also be visible in skobbler.

You can change your home address as follows:
Start skobbler --> go to "Settings" (right icon, at the bottom) --> go to "Navigation" --> scroll down to "Home Address" --> change it

Best regards,
Christin :)

20.11.2011, 14:51
I have found a similar problem. When I log into Skobbler.us, I go to 'My Skobbler', then 'My Locations'. It says 'You have not entered any locations yet.
An entry is missing? Add a new location now.' I click to add a new location, plug in the address, and hit 'save'. If I go back to 'My Locations' there is still nothing there. The new location I created is shown under 'My Addresses'.

In addition, I am unable to see the new addresses/locations in my GPS Nav 2 app for iPhone. Should I be able to see these in the app? This is mainly what I am trying to accomplish by adding new addresses/locations on the site.