View Full Version : Where are the dirt tracks?

08.04.2011, 21:03
I've seen that OpenStreetMap has lots of dirt tracks mapped in the nearby woods, but I see none of them in Skobbler Navigator - even (or especially) in pedestrian mode.

Is there some trick to getting these forest paths displayed, or even better, for pedestrian route planning?

09.04.2011, 20:39
How are these dirt tracks tagged in OSM? skobbler is ignoring "highway=track" for drivers

09.04.2011, 21:45
Yeah, most of the forest tracks in OSM seem to be highway=track (general access "Allowed" surface "gravel") but they don't even seem to get displayed by Skobbler, let alone navigated, for drivers or pedestrian. Surely pedestrian routing should also include use of highway=footway? Or am I misunderstanding something here?