View Full Version : Details level when zoomed out

31.03.2011, 14:59
I would love some more details when zoomed out.

When zoomed so the scale is showing "10 km", only large roads are displayed and with almost no names, only major road codes like "E45".

Also since there's no colored areas for things like forrest or urban areas the map is easy to get lost on(which is ironic).

Maybe you could make some adaptive detail level that keeps showing finer details until the screen polygon count exceeds a given threshold.

Love the detail level from scale "500m" and closer :)

I look forward to seeing how things develop in the future :)


05.04.2011, 13:04
Thanks for your feedback which is always welcome! Regarding the zoom level: Yes, we need to improve this further. However, it is not as easy as it might seem if you want to keep the size of the maps low, but our Team is already working on the next update. :)

Best regards,