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27.03.2011, 17:58
Have just installed ForeverMap on Samsung Galaxy S/Android 2.2, and have problems:

1) There is no map detail when zoomed out, is this normal? Only a few random towns/cities appear as dots on the zoomed out view.

2) I can save a location as a favorite/bookmark, but there does not seem to be any point of doing this... Selecting a saved location in the bookmarks list does not do anything. After selecting from the list, the display just returns to whatever bit of map I was looking at before, not the location of the bookmarked address. There does not seem to be an option to navigate to a favorite/bookmark location either.

Can anybody help?


05.04.2011, 13:31
1) This is something we still have to work on. However, the more detailed the zoom levels, the bigger the app.

2) We check that at our end - might be a bug which needs fixing. It works fine in the European version though.

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