View Full Version : FAQ - why skobbler/Android isn't available in your country?

16.03.2011, 11:59

Let's rephrase, since - as you may have possibly noticed the slight trend in questions - this isn't a really rare (pack of) question(s):

Q: Why can't I see the navigation application in the Android Market?
A: Because your country isn't supported. [that's what I guess you'd say ;-)]

Q: Why isn't the app available outside the market, then?
A: Because your country isn't supported anyway! [you said]

Q: What does "supported" for a coutry mean exactly?
A: ?

Q: You said "it's no use to get it outside the Market because routing doesn't work there anyway". Why? OSM data is the same, right? Other software can route, why not you?
A: ?

Q: Can we - OSM contributors - help our country to be supported? How?
A: ?

Q: Will you fill the missing answers and make this a sticky topic? (And add anything you feel worthwhile to add?)
A: :-)

Ps: I'm Hungarian, to help to see my point.

16.03.2011, 14:42
There are some more like:

Q: I'm getting the following error on my iPhone/iPad: "Location not available. Allow Skobbler Access". What can I do? (Maybe with a screenshot)
A: Open iPhone's Settings -> General -> Location Services menu. Please make sure that both Location Services and skobbler are "On" in this menu.

Q: Is Skobbler working on a iPod with a TomTom car kit or any other GPS extension?
A: No, because Skobbler navigation needs a lasting internet-connection.

Q: I can't find Skobbler on the Android Market although it should be avaible for my country.
A: Skobbler is not avaible for your kind of device. You can download it with a modified android market (requires root access on your device)