View Full Version : How to refresh the maps in the nav app?

05.03.2011, 10:14
As we are editing the OSM maps, it would be nice to see the changes take effect in the navi app. The manual says to tap the screen twice to have the map refresh itself, but that does not seem work.

05.03.2011, 18:41
I'm not an expert, but some of the changes come via Cloudmade. Cloudmade has its own internal refresh rate that can extend to several weeks. I don't know if their routing service data is on the same schedule, but their country / region extracts are dated 14 February. I have seen several weeks delay for updates to reach Skobbler.

07.03.2011, 09:03
I understand there is built in latency (though I did not realize it could be that large), I just expected some sort of visible "flicker", if you will, in the map whe I tapped it. I just assume I did not tap it right or I misunderstood the feature. Has anyone seen this refresh work as advertised?

08.03.2011, 10:54
@ bikeoid:
You are right - with the updates, we depend on our routing provider CloudMade. They officially say that updates would be made fast, however, in reality this can take a few weeks sometimes. Therefore, we are already working on our own routing technology in order to be able to terminate the dependence on that end.

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10.02.2012, 21:34
Hopefully, the dependence on Cloud Made, will terminate and a newer, more expdient method of getting OSM map updates will be found. Skobbler users, who are taking their valuable time to correct OSM maps to reflect the "real world", deserve to have these updates reflected in Skobbler ASAP. Please find the solution for your dedicated users.